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Thursday, November 25th, 2021






Conference opening


Keynote I

Estefanía Serral

Software Sustainability: The Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprises and their Researchers
by Patricia Lago





Enterprise Modelling and Architecture

Dominik Bork

Enterprise Coherence with GEA – a 15 Year Co-evolution of Practice and Theory. Henderik A. Proper, Roel Wagter and Joost Bekel
Machine Learning-Based Enterprise Modeling Assistance: Approach and Potentials. Nikolay Shilov, Walaa Othman, Michael Fellmann and Kurt Sandkuhl
The Models for Knowledge Acquisition in PMI Specific Requirements Engineering. Ksenija Lace and Marite Kirikova





Methods and Method Engineering

Jolita Ralyté

An Experience Report on the Implementation of the KYKLOS Modeling Method. Georgios Koutsopoulos and Martin Henkel
Validation and Verification in Domain-Specific Modeling Method Engineering. Qin Ma, Monika Kaczmarek-Heß and Sybren de Kinderen
Foundation for Design, Analysis, and Management of Digital Business Ecosystem through Situational Method Engineering. Chen Hsi Tsai and Jelena Zdravkovic





Business Process Modeling and Management

Kurt Sandkuhl

Design Guidelines to Derive an e3valueBusinessModel from a BPMN process model in theFinancial Securities Sector. Isaac da Silva Torres, Marcelo Fantinato, Gabriela Musse Branco and Jaap Gordijn
Context-Aware Process Modelling for Medicinal Product Development. Zeynep Ozturk Yurt, Rik Eshuis, Anna Wilbik and Irene Vanderfeesten
Process Model Repair Meets Theory Revision - Initial Ideas. Kate Revoredo (short)
Upper-bounded Model Checking for Declarative Process Models. Nicolai Schützenmeier, Martin Käppel, Sebastian Petter and Stefan Jablonski

Friday, November 26th, 2021







How to build a perfect EM method? - Moderator: Jolita Ralyté

Panelists: Mārīte Kirikova, Dominik Bork, Manfred Jeusfeld, Janis Stirna


Requirements Engineering for Privacy, Security and Governance

Jelena Zdravkovic

On the Philosophical Foundations of Privacy: Five Theses. Mohamad Gharib and John Mylopoulos
A Cyber Security Digital Twin for Critical Infrastructure Protection: the Intelligent Transport System Use Case. Giovanni Paolo Sellitto, Tanja Pavleska, Massimiliano Masi and Helder Aranha
Expanding Data Governance Across Company Boundaries – An Inter-Organizational Perspective of Roles and Responsibilities. Marvin Jagals (short)





Enterprise Modelling and Architecture (2)

Yves Wautelet

Using Knowledge Graphs to Detect Enterprise Architecture. Muhamed Smajevic, Simon Hacks and Dominik Bork
“Mind the Gap!”: Learning Missing Constraints from Annotated Conceptual Model Simulations. Mattia Fumagalli, Tiago Sales and Giancarlo Guizzardi
Detecting value capture processes using FEM. Victoria Klyukina (short)
OLIVE, a Model-Aware Microservice Framework. Damiano Falcioni and Robert Woitsch (short)





Case studies and experiences

Balbir Barn

Can SysML Be Used for Enterprise Modelling? Kimberly Lai and Michael Gruninger (short)
A Collaborative Model for Connecting Product Design and Assembly Line Design: an Aeronautical Case. Alex Aquieta Nuñez, Anouck Chan, Alberto Donoso-Arciniega, Thomas Polacsek and Stephanie Roussel
Assignment of Actors to Activities at Process-oriented Applications: A Research Agenda. Thomas Bauer and Ralf Laue (short)





Keynote II

Marite Kirikova

Design Science for Constructive Enterprise Modelling
by Paul Johannesson and Erik Perjons (Stockholm University)


Closing and presentation of PoEM 2022


Instructions to Speakers

The presentations will take place using ZOOM. The duration of the presentation for full and short papers is 15 minutes plus 5 min for discussion.  We will maintain a Miro conference board available to the registered participants. It will be used for follow-up questions and announcements.


The conference will take place using the Zoom platform. Session participants including the presenters are required to use a registered Zoom account (the e-mail address can be different from the one used in the PoEM’s registration). Links to the Zoom sessions will be provided prior to the conference. You are kindly asked to identify yourself as a speaker in the Zoom session by adding “(speaker)” next to the participant name.


We encourage live presentations. However, if you prefer to pre-record your presentation you can do that. The speaker should still be present to participate in the discussion. In this case, the presentation should be uploaded in Youtube and the link should be forwarded to Janis Stirna <> and Estefanía Serral Asensio <> by November 21st.